11:00 - 11:50
16 May 2021

Launch your podcast

On each path of the educational pathways program, on level 4, Toastmaster members have the choice, among other selective projects, to create their own podcast.

Listening to podcasts is very popular and it has become a daily routine for many people.

This is one of the main reasons why someone should consider starting their own podcast, they can influence people and benefit from it. Through a podcast, members can increase the size and value of their network, they can promote their business and even receive an income.

And although it sounds lucrative, not everyone wants to do it. Hosting a podcast sounds quite complicated but it really isn't if you have a clear understanding why and how to launch it.

A podcast can be fun, it doesn't take too much work to retain it and it doesn't cost too much to set it up. 
But it does require communication skills.

Members need to apply their public speaking skills to present a clear, engaging program for the listeners. They also need to choose the type of podcast they wish to host. Podcasts can be informational, they can be talk shows or they can be created for entertainment. It depends on the topic the podcasters want to cover and their field of expertise. 

My presentation will cover the 7 steps that members need to follow to launch their show

  1. Come up with their idea
  2. Choose their podcast format
  3. Choose the right equipment
  4. Record their first episode
  5. Tips on how to edit their episode
  6. Where to publish their episode
  7. Launch their show

I will explain why launching a podcast can be of benefit for the host and guest speakers and I will also be sharing information on how and where they can get guests for their show. 

#Public Speaking
#Interpersonal Communication 
#Strategic Leadership


Athanasia Houvarda
Speaker, Road Safety advocate, Burn Trauma advocate