Keynote - Mohammed Qahtani
Toastmasters World Champion 2015
Special Guest - Mohammed Murad
International Past President
Special Guest - Lark Doley
International Past President
Special Guest - Dilip Abayasekara
International Past President
Barbara Kondilis
Educator, counselor, researcher, licensed clinical social worker, and trainer
Scott Asai
TEDx Speaker, Leadership Coach
Danja Bauer
Singer, MelodySpeaker and Public Speaking Coach
Vijeta Pai
Technical Program Manager, Visual Storyteller and Technical Evangelist
Nazaruddin Abdullah
Head of Culture Management
Jessica Breitenfeld
Elevator Pitch Coach and Team Trainer, Therapist in Gestalt Psychotherapy
Åsa Rydhard
Story Designer and Trainer
Jenna Davies
Communication Specialist & Pitch Coach
Ulrike Seminati
Coach, author, and long-time executive
Deniz Senelt Kalelioglu
International Speaker, Master Trainer, Executive Coach
Charlie LaFond
Communication Trainer, Founder
Florian Bay
Presentation and Leadership Skills Trainer, International Speaker
Hassan Ghiassi
TEDx Speaker and Master Dialogue Facilitator
Hilarie Burke
Movement theater Artist. Creator
Melissa Buerbaumer
Change Management Specialist, Urban Sketcher, Ph.D
Sarah Khan - Guest Speaker
TEDx Speaker, Trainer, Co-Author, Activist
Lisa Marie Gelhaus
Wordsmithy and Speaking Coach
Annick Jackman
Public Speaking Coach and Master class host
Vasiliki Xyfteri
Teacher, Author, Editor, Organization specialist
Vinette Hoffman - Jackson
BBC New Voice 2019, Award winning Author and Poet
Marlene Smith
Doctor of Medicine who believes in communication thru storytelling
Lino Sbraccia
Temporary and Fractional Manager
Eric Fingerhut
Customer Interaction Transformation Squad Lead
Flora Gavand
Psychologist and Psychotherapist
Carina Schey
Scientific advisor, non-executive director
Athanasia Houvarda
Speaker, Road Safety advocate, Burn Trauma advocate
Klaus Drittenpreis
Agent, Consultant, Distributor
Giacomo Sproccati
Program Coordinator, Adjunct Professor