10:00 - 10:35
16 May 2021

Educational Moments for Toastmasters and beyond

Moments to engage, educate and empower both ourselves and those around us occur all of the time. These educational moments are often overlooked during the course of the day and at meetings.

This PowerPoint presentation, “Educational Moments for Toastmasters & Beyond” brings these ideas to you, in a simple, easy to understand format.

The public speaking pearls are presented in single page format using picture quotes, drawings, and photographs.

Become more engaged, educated, and empowered by listening to this presentation. Bring these pertinent ideas to your club. Watch as your audience not only embraces the moment but thrives. Engage, educate, empower with moments of education.  

The full presentation of picture quotes is free to all clubs 
Experience art, nature, words of wisdom & storytelling during the interactive Powerpoint presentation. 
Full PDF version available upon request

#Public Speaking
#Interpersonal Communication 


Marlene Smith
Doctor of Medicine who believes in communication thru storytelling