What matters most? Reaching a goal or the journey towards it?

Most people would probably select one or the other but in his celebrated poem Ithaka, Kavafy (well- known Greek poet) has chosen the latter.

2021 Chania-D109 Conference organizing team are living its spirit but at the same time, we equally value reaching the destination of organizing a splendid Conference on 14-15-16 of May.

Our vision from the get-go has been to set out on a virtual journey to Chania abundant with learning experiences and cross-pollination of ideas from diverse, energetic, creative & committed people.

Our mission is to successfully organize the district conference in an online environment with high educational value for the hundreds of audience that will attend.

It stands on the tripod of Logos, Pathos & Ethos:compass2

  • We aim to bring the best speakers who will inspire our audience and nudge us all to take positive action. (Logos)
  • To get our audience to ‘feel’ the spirit and vibe of the conference. Encouraging them to keep their passion alive, to challenge status-quo and become divergent thinkers. (Pathos)
  • Bring our best version of ourselves, build up a great team, establish dynamic processes and learn from each other; our mission will be to get our audience to trust us. (Ethos)

We will keep the engines of our Virtual Cruise ship to Chania running with an efficient blend of wisdom, good will and commitment to serve.

We are excited and leaving no stone unturned to make the 2021 Chania-D109 Conference an outstanding event.


the Organizing Committee
Chania2021 - D109 conference