Paola Perina

Paola Perina

PR Chair

Born in Verona Italy, she has a B.A. in psychology from San Francisco State University in U.S.A.  She started her own retail business, successfully managing 3 retail clothing stores for 28 years. She personally took care of all of her stores communication and advertising needs, both offline and online. Over a 10 year period she developed a good working knowledge of Social Media platforms, content creation and public relations.

An enthusiastic Toastmasters since 2018, she has served as VPPR 2019/20  for her Verona Toastmasters Club and as Division PR Assistant 2020/2021.

She sponsored The Rimini Riviera Club which chartered within 9 months from demo meeting.

She conducted Webinars on PR subjects for TLIs in D59 and D91.

She started a Talk Show in her Division called TalkMasters inviting Members, Division and District Officers to talk about diverse subjects like mentoring, leadership, speechcraft, contests and many others.

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