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Nina Kuentz-Carrasco Guerbatova

Registration Chair

Active Toastmaster since 2007, 

I love combining my 25 years experience in Marketing with my passion for events organization. 

Communicating in different languages and through different cultures / backgrounds is what I enjoy the most: 

Being Russian / Peruvian, I worked as Sales-Force Leader for International Pharma Business in Peru, and Tourist interpreter in my pastime.

Today, I work meticulously with engineers in Switzerland.

My passion for languages brought me the honor to collaborate as TMI Pathways Translation French Team, ongoing since July 2016.

The Registration & Hospitality Chair roles for District 59 Winterthur Conference in 2017 prepared and motivated me for taking over  

Registrations Chair & Proxy Registrations Co-Chair for the European Joint Conference D59/95 in Athens, May 2018.. A titanic task!

For me,

«  Each District Conference is a fascinating Love-Story  »  

because as organization team, you can create something amazing through empowerment, through learning by doing. Here truly is where Leaders are made!


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