Frank Kaiser

Frank Kaiser

Finance Manager

I started my Toastmasters journey in June 2017 as a charter member and Secretary of Toastmasters GE Baden in Switzerland.

The Rebirth in Athens Conference in May 2018 was the key event for me to understand the real beauty of Toastmasters.

Since then, my journey with Toastmasters continues to be a positive box of Pandora. You open it and you have a huge number of opportunities to learn and grow at your fingertips. You only need to choose, which one. Choose wisely! 

I am current member of 2 clubs, Walk The Talk in Zurich, Switzerland and Toastmasters Academy Rome, Italy.

As the president of the prospective club TOASTMASTERS Baden bilingual (DE/EN) I hope to share the beauty of Toastmasters and its community to a wider audience in Baden.

I offer my experience gained in various fields througout the last years to make this conference a huge success.

Let's travel together the virtual Toastmasters Sea towards Chania 2021!




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