Anastasia Liapi

Anastasia Liapi

Conference Chair

Anastasia Liapi (CC, CL) is a teacher with BA in Greek language, BA in English language and a Master’s in “Education and Human Rights”.

She joined Toastmasters in 2018 and has successfully participated in contests at all levels (club, area, division) in various categories. In 2019 she was awarded the Triple Crown Pin. She has been twice a contestant at a District level (Athens 2018 and Genoa 2019). 

She enjoyed serving various roles -  as a VPE (Glyfada), Treasurer (Hellenic) and an Area Quality Assistant (B1) so much that she also implemented Youth Leadership Program at high school twice. 

Last year she served as an Area Director (B2) and a club President (Glyfada). Currently she is a VPE in a corporate club (Connected People). 

Anastasia has kept her enthusiasm and commitment to Toastmasters Program intact as she often admits: “The more I get to know the wide range of valuable resources of Toastmasters education program, the more passionate I become about it! ”

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