Chania M

Somewhere between the White Mountains and the blue of the Cretan Sea, resides a charmer, an enchantress. A city of many tales, ancient, old and contemporary, Greek and but yet not only.

Chania is one of the most appealing and worldwide popular tourist destinations of Greece, attracting every year, all year round, thousands of visitors and faithful lovers who repeatedly return to this mistress/city that has been so generously blessed by nature and densely woven by history.

The city of Chania is the capital of the Prefecture, extending along the coastal, Northern axis, at the West side of Crete and counts more than 140.000 residents. Since the construction of the Minoan city/state “Kydonia”, the city counts 4.000 years of presence in the Greek territory.

The modern name “Chania-Al Hanim” was given during the Arab occupation (9th B.C.-10th B.C.), while during the Venetian era (13th b.c.-17th b.c.) it is renamed to “La Canea”.

For centuries, the city serves as a nautical crossroad between three continents, a pole of attraction for powerful trade transactions and for Empires driven by intentions of conquest and expansion.

Romans, Arabs, Venetians and Ottomans have marched, conquered and left a deep footprint, creating a modern, cultural mosaic on the architectural outlook of the city and a cosmopolitan feel at this remote corner of the Mediterranean.

A single visit to Chania is never enough. It is merely the beginning of your own storyline with a city that collects stories and spins them to a thread, inextricably uniting generations, cultures, religions, customs and traditions.

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