Vasiliki Xyfteri  photo

Vasiliki Xyfteri

Teacher, Author, Editor, Organization specialist

Vasiliki Xyfteri has lived and worked in three continents.

Starting from her native Hellas, she moved to the U.S.A to pursue her graduate studies in Human Services Administration with concentration on Negotiation and Mediation. After finishing, she went to Izmir, Turkey where she worked for the NATO school MEF.

Currently she lives in Hellas, she teaches soft skills, has recently started her own Youtube channel in Greek to help teenagers and parents to cope with difficult situations by developing their soft skills, and is a member of the Hellenic American Union Athens Toastmasters Club.

Her exposure to different cultures and different working international environments has led her acting with the following principles:

  • Do not mind the title of leadership. Make sure you lead yourself properly.
  • Do what challenges you, not what is easy. Remember Richard Branson first took the responsibility to present a workshop and then he did it.
  • If it is easy and it helps people, just do it. Don’t expect another savior to come. Act now.

Vasiliki loves writing and teaching and has given workshops on time management, goal setting and organizing in various occasions and the Greek online magazine Maxmag has hosted her articles at the column of Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Within the Toastmasters family, she has presented workshops on the value of mentorship and time management.

She loves taking simple concepts and turning them to life lessons for her, her students and audience.

Her workshop title is "Lead like Mary Poppins: Empower people while making the project fly!"
Save the Date: Sunday 16 May 2021 at 09.00am CEST

There are leaders who do things on their own. There are leaders who let all the team members do the job while they watch. But what if you could lead in a joyful manner and help others discover their talents and help your project fly?

As Toastmasters we can mix our own magic with the famous character, Mary Poppins and thrive!

People who will attend this workshop will get the chance to check their leadership style and get tools on how to help people use their talents for the benefit of the team.