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Scott Asai

TEDx Speaker, Leadership Coach

As someone who is introverted, he prefers connecting with people individually or in small groups. For him it’s about quality over quantity.  That’s why he initially chose coaching. Because he likes to push himself to be better, he likes to push his clients too. 

  • He values fitness, so he does workout 5 times a week.
  • He values health, so he maintains a Keto lifestyle.
  • He values growth, so he puts himself in uncomfortable situations because he likes the challenge.

But earlier in his career the one area he feared as a leader was public speaking. He’d do it, but reluctantly. 
Until one day he realized…he is not a good speaker because he thinks he is not one. So, he decided to change his self-talk. From there he started hosting a monthly network event and volunteered to speak at his dad’s church once a month. 

In 2019, his goal was to land a TEDx Talk. He wanted to prove to himself he could do it. 

In 2020, he did his first TEDx Talk in Laie, on the island of Oahu in Hawaii entitled “Saving Soft Skills From Extinction.” 

So as he stands here today he wants you to know his why hasn’t changed. 

As a husband and father, he cares most about creating a lifestyle that allows him to spend time with his wife Lisa, daughter Kayla and son Isaiah when he wants to. His hope is to give his kids the opportunity to chase their desired lifestyle because their dad continues to do so on a daily basis.

His workshop title is "Soft Skills Get Hard Results"
Save the Date: Friday 14 May 2021 at 17.30pm CEST

Based on his 2020 TEDx Talk in Laie, Oahu, “Saving Soft Skills From Extinction,” Scott teaches audiences how to model soft skills to the next generation producing better communication and performance in the workplace.


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