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Lino Sbraccia

Temporary and Fractional Manager

Lino is Temporary and Fractional Manager.

He works alongside the entrepreneur and company management in the management of change, reorganization and development of the business, sharing responsibility for the objectives.

He has gained experience in companies in various sectors, from production to distribution, to services. After a long and varied managerial experience in an international group, he decided to make his professionalism available, supporting entrepreneurs, managers and professionals involved in development of their Companies.

He is a concrete and determined person, capable of analyzing, solving and managing complex problems, which affect several company functions. He has an aptitude and predisposition to manage interpersonal relationships. He possesses motivation, team-building and employee development skills.

His work experience has led him to develop an international openness and an ability to interact with people of different cultures. He has gained experiences and insightes both in large companies /groups, and in small and medium-sized companies.

His workshop title is "Divergent thinking: an approach to improve your creativity and leadership"
Save the Date: Sunday 16 May 2021 at 10.00am CEST

He would like to contribute his personal experiences as a Temporary/Fractional Manager, in preparing a presentation containing practical information (including tips and tricks) coming from his personal working experiences, explaining how to use a divergent thinking approach to become a more creative person and a more effective leader.

#Strategic Leadership