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Jessica Breitenfeld

Elevator Pitch Coach and Team Trainer, Therapist in Gestalt Psychotherapy

Jessica is a Virtual Community Builder and is one of the 70 worldwide Applied Improvisation practitioners who uses Serious Games and dynamic debriefing to connect teams.

She is a therapist in Gestalt Psychotherapy in Spain, where she has lived 6 years as a Canadian who hates the snow.

She is a volunteer hospital clown and is the founder of ¨laugh¨ a nonprofit dedicated to bringing laughter and bravery into your lives.

Her workshop title is "How to create rapport. The evening session of fun"
Save the Date: Friday 14 May 2021 at 21:30pm CEST

How do you connect best to people?

What are ways you can create authentic connections?

Jessica- a therapist in Gestalt psychotherapy will lead you through a few breakout rooms and Serious Games where you will learn the secrets to connecting with humor and humanness.

#Interpersonal Communication