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Hilarie Burke

Movement theater Artist. Creator

Hilarie Burke is an American movement theater artist and designer.

She taught and performed internationally for 20 years as Producer and artistic director of Silent Partners Movement Theater. Their award-winning collaborative work spanned all age interests.

Hilarie has conducted theater projects that focus on social awareness in the US, Northern Ireland, and on a small scale in Switzerland.

HIlarie has been Toastmasters for over 10 years. As a charter member of Toastmasters St. Gallen, she has won International speech contests in Switzerland and Central Europe. She has conducted her B'speak workshop on line since the Covid19 era began.

Hilarie is also is the artist and creator behind her Hand bag company Hark Designs.

Her workshop title is "B'speak"
Save the Date: Saturday 15 May 2021 at 14.00pm CEST

This workshop with movement theater artist and St. Gallen CH Toastmasters member, Hilarie Burke will offer participants concrete ways to relax and “get into your body”.

Individuals discover what is comfortable for them and how to incorporate authentic body language into a speech.

Experiences include physical and verbal warm ups and feedback following group exercises.

#Public Speaking 
#Interpersonal Communication