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Carina Schey

Scientific advisor, non-executive director

Carina is, as she terms it, a Toastmasters junkie.

She joined Toastmasters in September 2011 only because the president of the club she visited asked her to participate in the upcoming contest. Since then, she’s been a great supporter of many other clubs that she’s helped develop or improve.

Carina’s real passion is mentoring new and experienced members. She loves listening to their speeches and finding ways in which they could better use their unique skills to enhance their delivery and their messages. She has mentored many people and continues to do so, not only within her clubs but also across the district and other districts.

DTM twice over, Carina has held several club roles, been an Area Director and most recently, was the Chief Ambassador for Pathways for District 59, training and liaising with 30 Pathways Ambassadors, and currently holds the post of Admin Manager for District 109.

Competing in Toastmasters contests keeps her communication and presentation skills well-honed for her work. In her professional life, Carina has presented her work on the economics of rare diseases at many international conferences and at the European Parliament. Carina sits on the expert judges’ panel for the MassChallenge and on the scientific advisory panels for several charities, and as non-executive director for healthcare organisations.

When asked what she most loves about Toastmasters, Carina replied “It gives us a wonderful platform for learning and sharing all while enjoying wonderful camaraderie with a diverse group of people”.

She is suppporting the workshop "Authentic Leadership"
Save the Date: Sunday 16 May 2021 at 11.00am CEST

Flora Gavand is the facilitator of the workshop.

This workshop, will introduce members to an exciting way of reflecting on their leadership styles and taking them to new heights.

The aim is for attendees to focus on the experience of authenticity and how to apply it in their professional and personal lives. The ultimate aim is for attendees to proactively recognise their emotions, abilities, expressions and thereby connect more profoundly with the people with whom they interact, thus enhancing both communication and leadership.

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