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Athanasia Houvarda

Speaker, Road Safety advocate, Burn Trauma advocate

Athanasia Houvarda is a Speaker, a Road Safety advocate and Burn Trauma advocate.

She has been a member since October 2016 and feels that through Toastmasters, she has found her voice.

Nasia has been collaborating with several institutions to encourage and motivate people to make the right choices when they are on the road. She has been delivering speeches in Greece and Canada to raise awareness on road safety and help burn survivors to find confidence and courage to reinvent themselves.

She is always trying to find ways to get her message across. Her newest project is a podcast called “Crash Victim Life Survivor” where she openly shares her experience being severely injured in a road crash.

Her workshop title is "Launch your podcast"
Save the Date: Sunday 16 May 2021 at 11.00am CEST

On her presentation she will explain why launching a podcast can be of benefit for the host and guest speakers and she will take us through the 7 steps that members need to follow to launch their own show.

  1. Come up with their idea
  2. Choose their podcast format
  3. Choose the right equipment
  4. Record their first episode
  5. Tips on how to edit their episode
  6. Where to publish their episode
  7. Launch their show

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