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Åsa Rydhard

Story Designer and Trainer

Åsa Rydhard is a story designer and trainer who helps executives, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders sharpen their messages and build their brand.

She puts her clients in a position where they can attract highly-qualified opportunities using real, authentic stories about themselves. The last 12 years, in her own business, she has successfully helped ambitious experts to find their strong voice and fulfil their mission. Based on their authentic story they’ve learned to

  • pitch themselves within 7 seconds,
  • grow their brand using strategic storytelling
  • present like a PRO


Most of all, she has helped them find their confidence and use their Storypower! She has been a Toastmaster for at least 10 years and she is a DTM. She has also earned the title Nordic Champion in Public speech twice!

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Her workshop title is "Present with a 7 seconds pitch"
Save the Date: Saturday 15 May 2021 at 09.00am CEST

In a fast world you need to know how to capture attention in a short timespan, especially when you are pitching or presenting your ideas - or yourself.

This workshop will teach you how 7 seconds stories will help you catch attention and keep interest from people you meet, so that you get the opportunity to move them into action!

Åsa will mix entertainment, interaction and knowledge in her own special way, leaving the audience with new insights, knowledge and self-confidence.

#Interpersonal communication
#Strategic Leadership