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Aleen Andreou

Aleen Andreou works  with those, who dread public speaking as much the dreaded CORONA virus. 

She helps her clients turn the fear into delight and pride. 

Toastmasters has been her inspiration, and testing ground for her work, for over 3 decades. Recently she has enjoyed zooming round the Toastmasters globe. 

She is also passionate about acting, comedy & improv where she has been a founding member of various organisations.

Her workshop title is "Laughing Matters"
Save the Date: Sunday 16 May 2021 at 09:00am CEST

Laugher helps us to better connect with others and open up to  new possibilities and perspectives.
Humour we can soften the difficulties in life. 
The workshop shared specific and easy-to-use techniques on creating humour.

#Interpersonal Communication
#Public Speaking