17:00 - 17:25
14 May 2021

Toastmasters “Lifers”, “Surfers” and “Turfers”: Who are you?

Lifers” have been Toastmasters for a very long time, coming and going yet some choose not to take bigger steps beyond very small roles. Others join periodically to gain tips or skills, but only “skim” the surface. Some to enhance leadership or network, and even to promote their “own”.

Having been a Toastmaster for over 20 years in two continents, an active member in at least 4 clubs serving and competing within the District, I’ve heard, seen, and experienced a lot.

This session will provide introspective and real knowledge to help those new, old, or “skimming the surface” members see how Toastmasters benets run “deep” and how to best use the club for lifelong learning.

I’m a “lifer” are you?

#Strategic Leadership
#Interpersonal Communication 



Barbara Kondilis
Educator, counselor, researcher, licensed clinical social worker, and trainer