16:00 - 16:50
15 May 2021

Tick, Tock and Tickle - using language that engages

Use rhetorical figures to spice up your speaking!  

Did you know that like vocal variety - colorful language keeps listeners' brains engaged?

Word choice, or "language that engages" helps attention, energy, memory and fun! Speaking brilliantly shows off your intelligence and helps listeners understand your message.

And yet, we're not always aware of the language we use.

This workshop will help you use English (and your own language) knowing that thoughtful word choice is not just about aesthetics, it is music for the brain.

We'll play around with rhetorical figures like alliteration, antithesis, chiasmus, personification, anaphora, paradox and many other common and not-so-common rhetorical figures.

#Public Speaking
#Interpersonal Communication


Lisa Marie Gelhaus
Wordsmithy and Speaking Coach