09:00 - 09:50
15 May 2021

Pitch Up Look Sharp: Make an Impact with Every Presentation

Delivering memorable and impactful presentations when the opportunity arises is every speaker's goal. We might be pitching a product, hosting a webinar, delivering a training event, and speaking to audiences small and large anywhere in the world. 

All eyes are on us. We’re poised and ready to deliver a presentation that will engage, inspire, and leave a lasting impression.  

Yet these can be nerve-wracking situations; we’ve all experienced the sweaty palms and butterflies at some point, both online and in person. How can we ensure we make an impact in front of every audience we have the pleasure of speaking to? 

This session will take you through tips and techniques to consistently communicate with more confidence and impact

From the preparation through to delivery, you’ll leave with techniques to put into practice straight away on virtual presentations, as well as when we’re back in front of physical audiences. 

Expect interaction, ideas and innovative content!

#Public Speaking


Jenna Davies
Communication Specialist & Pitch Coach