14:00 - 14:50
15 May 2021

How to ignite your Toastmaster creative spark and sharpen your divergent thinking

This workshop is divided in two parts, first I will share specific tools and techniques that can help fellow Toastmasters to ignite their creative spark, providing also examples how these tools can be used within the Toastmasters setting. In the second part there will be break-out groups where the participants will have the opportunity to work through a variety of scenarios and activities using the techniques presented before.

Creativity has been identified as one of the key skills for the future- while automation is eliminating more and more repetitive jobs, this poses a great opportunity for humans to move up the value chain carrying out more thoughtful and creative work.

Computers still lack imagination or creativity to dream up a vision for the future, or to articulate a compelling story, a memorable speech, crafted with enough emotional competence that can inspire and move an audience. Einstein once said that ‘Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.’

However many people don’t think of creativity as a skill that one can get better at, but it is. Creativity and imagination can be trained, like a muscle, and is not necessarily something that you are either born with or not, and you do not need to be good at arts to be creative.

Against this background, the skills that we learn in Toastmasters are becoming more and more relevant. With the right approach, Toastmasters can help us not only to deliver and craft more inspiring speeches, but also help to sharpen our divergent thinking, imagination, creativity and ultimately becoming better leaders in many areas of our lives.

#Strategic Leadership


Melissa Buerbaumer
Change Management Specialist, Urban Sketcher, Ph.D