Peter Karagianakis

Peter Karagianakis

Peter Karagianakis has taught English communication skills at the university level internationally for over 25 years.

He has designed public speaking courses for UAE University and NY Institute of Technology in the Emirates. 

In 2021, he won the Speech Evaluation Championship for District 109, Region 10.

In 2019 - 2020, he represented Region 10, for the semi-finals of the World Championships of Public Speaking. In September 2019, he was an invited TEDx Speaker in Abu Dhabi.  He is also a DTM and Pathways’ Ambassador.

He has delivered a multitude of customized workshops internationally in the area of public speaking, self-development, and leadership skills for TMI, Corporations, UAE Military, and Petroleum Industry.

His exclusive Public Speaking ONLY Instagram account is: “Peter the Public Speaker”. "Your best business card is NOT what comes out of your wallet but what comes out of your mouth!”

He is also the exclusive owner of a holiday estate on the Greek Island of Karpathos: “a place to unwind!